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Golfers choose MAXUVIBE©!                                                   


The key to win at golf is optimum fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and range of movement. Every
Professional golfer knows this and that’s why they train on the MAXUVIBE©.

Using the MAXUVIBE© is an ideal way helping you to  warm-up and get ready for some serious action.


In a relatively short time the MAXUVIBE© will help you building strength and tone, performing dynamic
stretching movements and gives you fantastic acceleration training. It can also help you improve
your range of motion and helps to increases the mobility in your lower back. You’ll fell more flexible after you used the MAXUVIBE© and besides this all it could prevents you from injuries or helps you with rehabilitation or recover from an injury.

For both Professional and recreation golfers, the MAXUVIBE© will always make sure it gives you the
edge over your competitors.

The perfect Swing - the ultimate training device!

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