Helps to strengthens the muscles  
                    Helps to improve the balance
                    Training activates blood circulation

      saves you a lot of time and makes you happy! 

Optimal Kcal burning
The stimulation to the muscles is so high that almost all muscles become active. This results in a higher
temperature and an improved metabolism, that help to burn fat at an accelerated pace. Specific problem areas
can be targeted through special massage exercies. 

Body contour
Loosing weight is not always the same as burning fat. Tilting vibration¬© training strengthens the muscles. Get in shape!


  • Body&Beauty massage
    The skin improves due to the fluid depletion effect that occurs at lower frequencies.
  • That it is helping to massaged the fat cell and that it is resulting in the depletion of fat and fluids.
  • Fatblock
    MAXUVIBE¬© exercises cause the cohesion in the layers under the skin to be diminished,  this results                                                                                                                                                                                                   in  more movement between the tissue layers. It is helping to strengthened the skin and appears healthier.        
  • Vitality  The muscles are optimally active during the training  This helps to improve the blood circulation and the transportation of waste products.