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Specific muscle groups are trained through a diversity of exercises. MAXUVIBE©

Slow movement stimulates the slow muscle fibres, quick movements stimulate the fast muscle fibres. It is extremely difficult to train the fast- muscle fibres, to do this you need explosive movement, like jumping. This is so intensive and taxing, even for an athlete, that they can only afford to train in this manner a few times a week.









  The MAXUVIBE© stimulates  the muscles comparable to 1800 jumps a minute. Extensive training requires a stronger stimulation of the muscles. The amplitude on the MAXUVIBE© can be extended to 12.5 mm, this is unique for vibration plates.

The goal of training is to increases the sports results by offering the correct stimulation. The stimulation is the contraction of the muscles. The result of the training will decrease if the stimulation  is not varied, in type and/or frequency. Vibrations have proven to be a simple and efficient way of stimulating the muscles and achieving better results: So-called super compensation.

Training with MAXUVIBE©:                                                                                                         Helps to get more results in less time.

Activating the blood circulation
An improved blood circulation, warming-up of the muscles and ligaments, ensures that the body is more flexible and that tension is released.

Nutritional values will be transported to the location where they are needed for regeneration and/or repair of the tissue. Waste materials will be eliminated more rapidly. Both are necessary for the optimal regeneration of the body

Coordination improvement is achieved with the MAXUVIBE© due to the frequency range up to 30 Hz. The body is continually unbalanced. This results in that the  muscles of the whole body become involved  in keeping the balance. The functionality of the tilting-vibration training is unique in this.