The MAXUVIBE© belongs to the newest generation of vibration devices and among these it is a ingenious device, both body and
mind will be trained optimally.

Thanks to the patented tilting system the MAXUVIBE© simulates a natural walking movement

Almost all other vibration training is restricted to a vertical movement. MAXUVIBE© uses a plate that dips and tilts, which causes your body to respond to the unbalancing effects. This is a other form of vibration training, where the left and right foot are pushed up independently. That causes a dipping of the pelvis, comparable with a walking movement. The body experiences this as natural. It helps to get more muscles trained, and it is helping the joints become more flexible, because the back is tilted as well. The tilting plate stimulates the whole body with adaptable frequencies. The vibrations cause a nerve pulse that is accepted by the musculature of the body and forms the basis of the balance movement.

MAXUVIBE© is a multifunctional device. The display of the MAXUVIBE© is a effective personal trainer you can imagine. Ten minutes program training has incredible results. There is a wide variety of programs to choose: from relaxing massage to strong body training. Achieve your goal in the shortest possible time with the right program and correct coaching.


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Visualization of the exercise
On a simple-to-operate graphic touch screen display there are more than 180 different exercises. Visualization of each exercise position
is realized by full-color photo with text. Seven languages are available. While you are using the program from the touch screen display
there is a photo slide show with text, so you can read how to perform the exercise.

Personal trainer
Helps choose the best program in relation to the objectives and body parts treated. By pushing one button the device automatically starts
the program for 10 or 15 minutes. The programs are already set  for Fatblock, Body Shape, Body-Beauty-Massage, Optimal Burning,
Coordination, Wellness, Vitality, Acceleration, Sport, Golf and many more to come!

NEW! Meet the world’s quickest personal wellness coach - THE MAXU-STICK
An owner of the MAXUVIBE© MAXU-stick Upload Program has the ability to program all of the parameters - frequency, working time and
type of exercise. You can personalize your own free exercises and protocols by using your PC. With this new data software management,
you have the possibility to upload programs and time credit to the user’s personal MAXU-stick.

Training time
Up to 15 minutes of continuous training is possible for the more experienced MAXUVIBE© users. Works more intensively because the large
variable movement range is from 0 to 12,5 mm.

Several training options
5/10 Hz    – Balance/Coordination
10/18 Hz  – Massage/ Warm up
18/30 Hz – Muscle strengthening/Contraction

Establish able in both amplitude and frequency (amount of vibration)
As a result, more widely usable in all age categories with less counter-indications.